Chicago Spirit Brigade Re-Branding & Design

Client: Chicago Spirit Brigade
Role: Branding/Graphic Design/Consultation

Collaborative branding that gets to the heart of your mission

The Chicago Spirit Brigade was looking to refresh their brand after 12 years and Thomas Awrey Multimedia Solutions stepped up to the task. Being very familiar with the organization as a volunteer, I knew that the CSB was built on the principle of raising money for non-profits whose mission was to assist individuals in life threatening situations. The group is filled with vibrant performers who give their all at street fairs to collect donations for designated charities.

The design process started with a deep dive into the psychology of colors and what each shade/hue conveys to the general public. I then narrowed down candidates that coincided with the mission of CSB to shades and hues that would look presentable and eye-catching on uniforms. 3 color themes were presented to the Executive Board of CSB, along with multiple versions of logos that touched on the tenants of the organization. Feedback from the presentation was then distilled down to the crafted brand you see today.

The 5 stars on the logo reference the Chicago flag, as well as touching on the 4 groups that make up the brigade (Cheer, Dance, Drill, and Pep). A larger 5 star represents the overall fundraising mission of the group, and the collegiate lettering alludes to the energy and dedication each member brings.

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