Dr. Tara Holstein Psy.D. Branding & Design

Client: Dr. Tara Holstein Psy.D.
Role: Branding/Graphic Design/Consultation

Collaborative branding that gets to the heart of your mission

Dr. Tara Holstein was taking the exciting jump to creating her own practice. Thomas Awrey Multimedia Solutions was more than happy to assist in the transition by designing a logo that got to the heart of the practice’s mission.

After a consultation to discuss the tenants of her practice, I dove into the process by creating a set of logos that touched on each tenant. Calm, professional but caring, welcoming, and the appreciation of life as a journey that contains cycles. Each of these informed the graphic elements and theme of the designs.

Dr. Tara Holstein was then shown the logos and we worked together to narrow the group down to a single graphic that best illustrated the presences she wanted to convey to her patients. After a few minor adjustments, the logo was set, and Dr. Tara Holstein Psy.D. had a visual introduction that welcomed new patients and professional networking all together.

Recent works