Jeremy Molenda - City Council Campaign

Client: Jeremy Molenda - City Council Campaign
Role: Graphic Design/Web Development & Management/Consultation

Developing a strong web presence

Jeremy Molenda contacted Thomas Awrey Multimedia Solutions (TAMS) to help with his 2009 campaign for a City Council position. We discussed what message he wanted to get across to the voters and what marketing assets he wanted created. We narrowed the field down to a compelling website and postcard to familiarize himself with the citizens of Monroe MI.

Jeremy won his city council race and contacted TAMS again in 2011 for his re-election campaign. This year I rejuvenated his web presence and assisted with minor marketing material revisions he was handling himself. I’m excited to say he resoundingly won the 2011 re-election and will continue the good work he started in Monroe for another 2 years.

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