Comments From My Clients

I’ve been fortunate to work with some great people and partner on some amazing projects. It’s nice to know that the feeling is mutual when you really respect a client and enjoy working with them. Below are some of the kind words clients have shared after a creative partnership with Thomas Awrey Multimedia Solutions.

Working with Mr. Awrey was the most pleasant experience I have ever had with partnering to produce multimedia products. As the General Manager of the Chicago Spirit Brigade, I was responsible for the 2014 production of our annual fundraiser Big Bang. Big Bang is a live, cabaret-style variety show. The 2014 Big Bang theme was “Twisted TV;” therefore, the production heavily relied on the multimedia products. Being familiar with his past work, I immediately turned to Mr. Awrey for his assistance in the show. For the production of our show, Mr. Awrey filmed and edited eleven (11) parody commercials that were used as transitional pieces in between our live acts. Throughout the creative process Mr. Awrey was available for consultations, even attending production meetings to ensure that he could easily present the show’s vision to the audience. Further, he took the lead on developing a filming schedule and post-production timeline that allowed for last minute changes without hindering the deliverance of a polished product in the end. Under Mr. Awrey’s direction, filming went smoothly and the Brigade members enjoyed themselves on set. Mr. Awrey was mindful to ensure that all our members felt comfortable with their lines, as well as the scenes being portrayed. The final product for the show went beyond not only my own, but the Brigade’s expectations. The show was a huge success in large part to Mr. Awrey’s multimedia production, which helped the entire show to flow in a cohesive manner. Mr. Awrey was an asset to the show and I personally was so lucky to have been able to work with him. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a multimedia producer. He is thorough and has a gift of being able to bring your vision to a multimedia product.Courtney Smallwood General Manager, Chicago Spirit Brigade (2014)

Thomas is a consistent source of professionalism and creativity. I had the pleasure of working with him on several marketing projects with The Bay Area Rainbow Symphony in San Francisco, collaborating on media kits and sales collateral. I had specific goals and challenges for each project and Thomas was able to keep pace with the changing needs and demands of the marketing team and our Board of Directors. He is extremely personable and knowledgeable, demonstrating on several occasions a command of Adobe Creative software. I will definitely call on Thomas for future communications and design projects.Christopher Holguin Marketing/Communications Manager, Bay Area Rainbow Symphony (2011)

I have a dog walking business and was filmed by a professional film crew several years ago. The only problem was that it was a German production so all the dialog was in German and it was very lengthy. I had the DVD tucked away because I never thought I could use it to advertise my business because it was in German. Thomas Awrey took a look at my DVD and indicated that he could shorten it and replace the dialog with music. I never met with Thomas or had a discussion as to what to cut out and what to keep in the video. I trusted his judgment and waited to see what he came up with. Upon completion of the edited video he supplied me with 4 different formats to make sure I had several choices for data transfer. After viewing the edited video for the first time I was left speechless with my hand over my mouth. It was absolutely flawless! Thomas shortened it to just the right length keeping all the important elements about my business and transformed it into a wonderful marketing tool. He chose just the right music to play throughout the video and it blended very nicely. I was so amazed that he did this without knowing anything about my business. This is truly the work of someone who has a great deal of knowledge, common sense and a really good eye.Sheryl Seravina In Loving Hands Pet Care (2009)

I worked closely with Mr. Awrey on the renovation of multiple company websites which were completed in record time. He supplied my department with all of the required assets in the formats most convenient to us. At all levels of the design and implementation Thomas showed a keen eye for creating a layout that adhered to the client’s expectations while advancing the look and feel towards a more modern and effective appeal. He dealt well with requests for changes that improved the impact and eased the implementation of the web sites. The web layouts were created ahead of expectations – simultaneously meeting the many (sometimes conflicting) requests from upper management.Eric Thornton Treasure Island Media (2009)

Thomas came to us highly recommended through collegiate contacts, as the company is closely located near the University of Michigan. He brought a welcomed enthusiasm and creativity that continued to impress us through the length of the project. Thomas’s professionalism was outstanding as well. Many different parties within Adaptive Materials had conflicting concepts that they felt would work best in the video and Thomas was able to mockup each concept quickly and proficiently so that more informed decisions could be made.
The end product was a terrific piece of work, which incorporated materials provided to Thomas from Adaptive Materials as well as shots that Thomas filmed within the R&D and manufacturing areas. The DARPA Tech conference was a huge success for Adaptive Materials. There was significant feedback on how well the video played throughout the entire show. The company continues to play a loop of Mr. Awrey’s video in their corporate headquarters waiting room. Kyle Miller Adaptive Materials Inc. (2007)